A brand-new goalkeeping academy has arrived on the scene of the ever-growing JusBall brand, set up by Concord Rangers keeper Melvin Minter to help grow the next generation of goalkeepers.

Beginning on the 16th of September, sessions will be running every Friday from 5:15-7pm at the Tottenham Harris Academy, for ages five and above.

The brains behind the academy Melvin Minter recently caught up with JusBall to talk about the exciting new project, helping to “encourage the next generation of kids growing up that being a goalkeeper is beneficial.”

“It will be an academy that incorporates goalkeepers from the age of 5 and we’re building a project to give value to the goalkeeping community,” explains Minter. “We eventually want to build something where we have our own sort of base where we can send goalkeepers to clubs once they are at the right level.”

Minter’s experience of being a professional goalkeeper will certainly help all who are involved in the academy, “I’m still playing and I have a lot of experiences and value to give which can help the next group who are coming through.”

Minter signed for National League side Concord Rangers this summer, after playing for the likes of Chesterfield and Harrogate Town and will be splitting his time as a professional footballer and a coach for those coming through the academy.

The JusBall Goalkeeping Academy has a clear long-term goal, explained by Minter which is to “eventually build a brand and a community of goalkeepers and look to use the contacts that we have with professional clubs and send them directly from the brand, to become a professional.”

The work that JusBall have done with established professionals the last few years has been extraordinary, with the likes of Calvin Bassey at Ajax, Eddie Nketiah at Arsenal, Anis Mehmeti at Wycombe Wanderers and many more.

“Doing extra things that they are not comfortable with in terms of during the off-season and going to the beach at six in the morning, working hard and doing the extras when people are expected to rest,” said Minter. “If we can get goalkeepers on that as well, then that will help everyone moving forwards, that’s where I can help give these experiences to keepers.”

“If I can give my advice and experiences to the next person coming through, then that can help then not make the same mistakes that I did when I was in their position,” said Minter. “I’m just looking to help other the same way I’ve been helped.”

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