Jus Ball Media

Jus Ball media is a team built up of young professionals with creative motivations to shape the way in which you may want your message to be broadcasted to the world. Our team of graphic designers, videographers and marketers can be at your service through the touch of a button.

Whether you are looking to get videos edited for social media, or you have a project that requires media direction our Jus Ball media team has the expertise you require.

Image creation and design

We can plan photo shoot and filming days based on your needs as well as providing story boards for promotional content that you may need or want in order for your organisation or yourself to be promoted.

Social media management

We can also design your social media pages and develop content calendars and story boards to aid you with your design ideas. Whether its reels, Instagram, Facebook, tic toc we can create the templates and design ideas to suit your needs.

Logo creation

The logo stands at the heart of your organisation. Whether you need a design from scratch or need to build on existing concepts our media team are ready and at your service.

Promotional Videos

Nowadays attention spans are short and everyone wants to see visual examples. Are media team can edit and film the content you need in order to promote you or your organisation.

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