Luanda Pau was born in Havana

She has a defined teaching method that allows everyone to learn authentic Cuban dance. Her method breaks down basic steps into a defined and easy class to follow. Luanda promotes monthly parties and a dance festival in Havana to aid learning and develop the confidence of her students.

Luanda Pau grew up surrounded by a family of performers and cabaret artists and she brings all the knowledge to her classes. After graduating from the National School of Art in Cuba (ENA) in 1994, Luanda became a soloist dancer of the Conjunto Folclórico Nacional de Cuba.

Luanda’s knowledge of traditional, religious and modern dance is extensive and each workshop or class starts at the beginning and leads to an advanced end. Using the movements of each dance to isolate the body allows you to warm up and familiarize the elements of that style/class. Salsa dancers are able to take a further step with their dance and musicality. Timing and the musical connection are strong points, taught from the feet up allowing complete novices to attend most classes. Promoting regular classes with live music, guest masterclasses and for the really committed a performance group give you plenty of possibilities to come and learn “Luanda Pau Style” Cuban dance


UR Capoeira theories & practice

Capoeira is an individual practice that has its place within a social, interactive group.
It’s a journey of self-discovery. Brazilian Capoeira is steeped in traditions and ritual’s that have made it one of the most interesting games in the world. We believe that what was valuable in the past is now even more valuable in today’s technology-driven life. The benefits of practice are endless and include sustainable good physical well being, musical mind development and left and right co-ordination growth.

UR Capoeira is centred around traditional Brazilian capoeira teachings which include music, song, dance, acrobatics and rituals used by capoeira groups around the world. Whatever level or place you are at – our teachings will bring you something. If you are already a capoeira practitioner we will help you develop insight and vision in the various ways to play. If you are a complete beginner, we will hold your hand and guide you until you are ready to stand alone.

What we achieve in the gameplay of Capoeira is transferred into real life by you. We believe that feeling healthier, stronger, flexible and agile from capoeira training stimulates and motivates you to pursue a better life. Master Fantasma and UR Capoeira group have been producing great results with individuals from many varied backgrounds for over 30 years.

Capoeira of today – the Bahian version – is strongly influenced by dancers – Yoruba, Candomble, samba among others – However Capoeira is clearly a fighting expression but the ability to feel and adapt to different types of rhythms remain essential for musicians and players alike.

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