Jus Little Ballers 

Jus Little Ballers is a football program for young children that helps those at the beginning stage of their journeys into football. It’s all about creating a fun structured environment that builds solid foundations for learning now and in the future.

Our fun filled football sessions for kids, Jus little ballers has a safe and structured environment. Sessions ae delivered by our UEFA and FA qualified coaches who are well rehearsed in the unique Jus Ball training methodology.


How You Benefit

Participating in regular exersise helps to improve the body and the mind’s overall functioning

Our practice challenges individuals just outside of their comfort zone helping them to build courage and determination

We keep the brain in the conscious state by introducing novel ideas throughout the practice, improving the ability to problem solve and be creative in novel situations

Through our bilateral training program individuals are encouraged to use both sides of the body and both hemispheres of the brain in a rhythmic way

Synchronised practice helps to force social interaction between individuals and develop an awareness of others thought processes and emotions.

When do we train?

Jus Little ballers holds sessions once per week. We have a few different areas that we deliver in and all sessions are delivered by our UEFA and FA qualified coaches. All of our coaches are DBS checked and First aid and emergency aid trained.

Through membership we offer a holistic provision that grants access to our unique sense-ball program that challenges children’s balance, co-ordination and even concentration levels.

Our structured environment forms the basis in which children can interact and also grow their interpersonal skills and confidence in new environments.

Jus Ball training staff

Jus Little ballers Hackney Downs 

10am – 11am: Ages 3 – 5 years: Cubs 

11am – 12pm: Ages 6 – 8 years: Panthers 

Hackney downs park 

Downs park road 

Opposite Midhurst Way 

Jus little ballers-hackney-map

Jus Little ballers Chobham Academy 

9am – 10am: Ages 6 – 10 years: Panthers 

10am – 10.45am: Ages 3 – 5 years Cubs 

40 Cheering lane 

East Village 

London E20 1BD 

Jus little ballers-hackney-map