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Jus Ball careers aims to improve the chances of young person’s finding employment in the sporting industry. Whether you are looking to coach, scout be an agent, mentor or become a strength and conditioning coach Jus Ball careers is the place for you.

How You Benefit

Choosing a career can be daunting at times and also an unsure time in a person’s life. By volunteering you get an insight into the industry and gain a clearer understanding of where you may want to head with your career.

They say you can’t put a price on experience. At times skills learnt can only be developed on the job. By improving your knowledge and experience you make yourself more employable and better skilled at what you are passionate about. It also looks great on your CV!

Learning is the moto at Jus Ball and so therefore we are very sure that once you become involved in our futures program one thing that will definitely happen is that your knowledge will improve.

Learning from leaders in the industry who work within Jus Ball can create valuable life experiences that can better your future.

Different ventures different opportunities, more knowledge all within a fun and friendly family orientated environment. This is the culture that belongs to Jus Ball and each and every one of our talented staff will endeavour to make your experience not only valuable in terms of knowledge and experience but also fun and enjoyment.

Of course, if you feel that your heart is set on a particular career through experience with Jus Ball then of course this could well lead to further employment for yourself. There are many employment opportunities with Jus Ball itself depending on your experience with us this may also lead to further employment opportunities.

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What You Get

Gaining valuable experience of even the opportunity to work in the sporting industry can be tough at times. We have had many success stories in which young persons have entered our program and have either come out with employment opportunities or a clearer vision in the direction they wish to take, and the steps needed to achieve this.

We are always searching for new coaches and enthusiastic people that wish to work with us and in the sporting industry. By offering a platform for you to gain vital experience as well as qualifications we aim to give you that kick start into your career in sports.

We support with

  • Coach delivery guidance and internal work placements
  • Our internal UEFA C tutors can help you gain the qualifications you need
  • CV and application support
  • Work experience opportunities for young persons
  • Alternative career guidance within sport, analysts, physiotherapy, strength and conditioning, sports journalism, and media training.

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Let them speak for us!

Some Impressions from our community

We wanted to thank Jus Ball as this was an amazing opportunity and a unique insight into brand and image. We are glad that this wasn’t just another opportunity for those studying medicine or law.

Student at Petchey Academy during our virtual work experience project with Inspire

Personally, I find that Kwesi was my favourite as it gave me a wider understanding of what it means to all be on the job as he is always around whilst he coaches are working. Also, he has a masters on finance which is good for his job as he can keep his money and use it for the right ventures

Student at Petchey Academy during our virtual work experience project with Inspire

(Student names withheld for GDPR)

Working with Jus Ball is an absolute pleasure the work they are doing with and for young people in the community is making major differences to lives and preventing young persons from making wrong life choices.

Joyclen Brodie Mens – Founder of rise365

Inspiring and educating young persons is a speciality of Jus Ball, my organisation works in partnership with their professional coaches to improve the lives of young persons and also helping aspiring athletes to achieve their dreams.

Errol Lynch – Co-founder Touch TuiNa

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