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Welcome to Jus Ball the sports organisation with an innovative approach to motor learning. Inspired by the recent developments in neuroscience we aim to delve deeper into the inner workings of the mind throughout the learning process. Our concepts are musical, methodical, and most importantly measurable.

As you go on your journey through our website site we hope you find the answers you are looking for, if not please send us a direct message via the contact page and we will get back to you as quick as we can !

What Is Jus ball

Our company’s foundation is built on three main core principles.

  1. Respect of others and the environment around us, we believe each individuals awareness of the their actions leads to greater promise.
  2. Having a growth mindset, learning is the key always being a willing student no matter how difficult the task.
  3. Always adopting a love for what you do, being passionate and enthusiastic in all aspects of life

We know that bigness is not our strength, best is our strength. We pride ourselves on quality and precision, being an organistion that prides itself on professionalism and honesty.

We aim to develop inspirational coaches and leaders as well as being the innovators in the sporting world.

Our word is our contract. We respect and trust one another, communicating openly, candidly and directly since any other way is unfair and a waste of time.

Cornerstones in Our Philosophy

Body percussion simply means using different parts of your body to make music. We use clapping and our voices in particular to switch us on at the start of our learning journey to help us take in sensory information a lot easier. Multi-tasking practice then helps us to use different parts of our brain at once and means that both hemispheres of our brain will be activated when training.

Out zero-point learning is where we build up collective rhythm so that we can learn easier as a group and more fluently together. We have to move at the same time and perform actions in synchronisation. This helps us to communicate and also to break down any differences between us individually.

Senseball is a secret weapon, we can use the sense ball together in a group, in pairs or small groups and also by ourselves. Our sense balls help us to improve co-ordination, proprioception, single leg balance and also timing actions and thoughts.

Autonomous learning means we can learn for ourselves, visually we are given guidelines and instructions from the layout of the session which helps us know whether we are performing an action accurately or not. This helps us train under less stress and gives us a better chance of being more focused throughout the session.

Let Others Speak

My passion and interest is that I love football everyday all I think about is to play football,
I got a big interest in reading articles about the brain reading books about mental health that goes on in football and in your everyday life’s.
Jusball is a unique organisation in that through sport they work closely with the support networks around each individual to improve the lifestyle choices and mental well-being of each individual by granting access to vital information.

Shawn Bent

Jusball are professionally run and continue to carry out great work in the borough of Hackney

Meet the Jus Ball Team

We recognise that along the way we’ll get a few things wrong. Please don’t hesitate to raise a question or hassle anyone that you see below! We endeavour to do our best to answer your questions or meet any needs requested. Use the form on our contact page if there is anyone that could be of particular help please make a reference to them in your message.

Shiro Taylor West

Head of Recruitment

Asiya Bham

Head of Operations

Fejiro Marino

Mentor & Senior Coach

Lee Coventry- Walsh

Lead photographer

Shaquille Taylor-Alcide

Lead Coach

Kwesi Casely-Hayford
Kwesi Casely-Hayford

Head of coach development

Reuben Taylor-West
Reuben Taylor-West

Lead Coach

Hollie Tansley
Hollie Tansley


Mark Wright
Mark Wright

Lead Coach

Patrick St Louis
Patrick St Louis

Mentor & Senior Coach