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Welcome to Jus Ball, the sports organisation with a unique approach. Our mission is to change the sporting industry. We aim to do this on different levels depending on where our passions lie. Our early-stage learning programs are inclusive all abilities and genders. Based on the brain and the research embarked on by experts in motor skill acquisition. Our elite athlete mentoring provisions help professional athletes find marginal gains to improve their games both on and off the pitch. Our Futures programs are designed to help individuals find employment in sports and we have a freelance media team.

Our diverse team enables us to offer a range of different services and we have more in the pipeline to come!! Please enjoy your visit to Jus ball and we hope you find all the information you are looking for!

What Is Jus ball

To re-ignite the spirit and love for learning. Professional coaches and mentors that offer not only guidance but belief, passion and intelligence.

Our company’s foundation is built on three main core principles.

  1. Respect of others and the environment around us, we believe each individuals awareness of the their actions leads to greater promise.
  2. Having a growth mindset, learning is the key always being a willing student no matter how difficult the task.
  3. Always adopting a love for what you do, being passionate and enthusiastic in all aspects of life

We know that bigness is not our strength, best is our strength. We pride ourselves on quality and precision, being an organistion that prides itself on professionalism and honesty.

We aim to develop inspirational coaches and leaders as well as being the innovators in the sporting world.

Our word is our contract. We respect and trust one another, communicating openly, candidly and directly since any other way is unfair and a waste of time.

To evolve motor skill learning and acquisition bridging the gap between movement and learning. We aim to develop a generation of emotionally balanced, healthy and active individuals.

Cornerstones in Our Culture

We pride ourselves on being passionate people, passionate about why we are here and our purpose. Being a part of Jus Ball means you have access to passionate people with a skill set and mindset that can help you progress and learn on your journey.

Success is in the details” this is a major part of our culture. Attention to detail and caring about the smaller things is paramount to Jus Ball. No matter what service or provision you are involved in with Jus Ball you will benefit from attention to details that will make major differences from our experienced and qualified members.

learning how to learn. When we are young learning is a lot easier and at times quicker also. This is partly due to the fact that learning takes failing and we are less judgemental on ourselves when we are young. At Jus Ball growth comes from learning how to be less judgemental and jumping into the world of exploration through movement and self-reflection.

When you watch experts, they make difficult tasks look easy and effortless. This comes through constant repetition and practice. We have various programs and platforms on which you can practice and learn from. Being a member of Jus Ball means you can benefit from video and online platforms that encourage practice to the point of mastery and also the best tips in order to reach that goal.

Let Others Speak

Jus Ball is organisation of the future, their concepts on brain centred learning and their unique approach to motor skill acquisition has benefitted our young children in life changing ways. 

John Mucholoch – Founder Regents Park FC 

I’ve learnt so much working with the professional coaches at Jus ball performance it’s easy to say that I wouldn’t be where I am now without their mentoring and guidance. 

Josh Emmanuel – Hull City FC 

Not many organisations have such an insight to how the brain works when learning motor skills and movement. Jus Ball is an organisation like no other when it comes to innovative ways to develop our children of tomorrow.

Jamie Gabb – Co-founder and Director Bidpartners

Meet the Jus Ball Team

We recognise that along the way we’ll get a few things wrong. Please don’t hesitate to raise a question or hassle anyone that you see below! We endeavour to do our best to answer your questions or meet any needs requested. Use the form on our contact page if there is anyone that could be of particular help please make a reference to them in your message.

Kwesi Casely-Hayford - Lead Athlete Mentor
Kwesi Casely-Hayford

Lead Athlete Mentor

Eddie Munnelley-Lead Athlete Mentor
Eddie Munnelley

Lead Athlete Mentor

Asiya Bham

Head of Operations

Leia-Head of Jusball Marketing
Leia Ryan

Head of Marketing

Michael Spencer

Lead Athlete Mentor

Davina Wilson 

Lead parent liaison

Let Others Speak

Great people to work with, every single service is upheld with the same passion and dedication. 

Robert Lansiquot – Parent at Jus Ball 


We are proud to be partnered with like-minded organisations such as Jus Ball

Erroll Lynch -Co-founder Touch Tuina therapy


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