Jus Ball Performance

Maximising the potential of talent!!!! That’s what we are here to do and that indeed is what Jus Ball performance has been designed for.

We have had already over the past 4 to 5 years a multitude of success stories ranging in different areas of the industry. From players dropping out the football game, then using us as a tool to help them reignite their passion and jump back into the professional game equipped with a new enthused mindset.

Many of our players already at the top level have benefited from our expert athlete mentoring services to help them find those marginal gains and reach new heights in their careers.

We also offer specialist coaching services, and we are in the beginning stages of building our brand-new academy to reach out to more talented individuals across London.

Please take the time to find out more about what we do at performance.

Jus Ball Performance

Our early riser sessions test the mind and the spirit. This program is designed for those needing that extra edge and also for those looking to get back into the game. Our sessions are invitation only and locations are only sent to our members for training days. Visit our website to find out more.

Are you a professional athlete or parent that is in need of guidance or advice? Our athlete mentors are ready to help and have the knowledge and expertise to guide you or your child through this journey.

Our specialist sessions are delivered by our UEFA qualified coaches. These sessions are tailored around your needs but aren’t always sessions delivered with just you by yourself as we believe in developing the understanding of relationships as a major part of individual development.

Are you a grass roots club or private academy looking to improve your coaching standards? Our consultancy services could well be the place for you. Here we offer packages and CPD sessions to give an insight into our philosophy and upskill your coaching staff and players.

Synchronised practice helps to force social interaction between individuals and develop an awareness of others thought processes and emotions.

Jusball Performance Training

Let them speak for us!

Some Impressions from our community

The attention to detail and passion from these guys is amazing.
Anyone looking to find marginal gains to improve their performance on the pitch or looking to break into the professional game will benefit massively from working with the guys at Jus Ball performance.

Simon O Neil – Co founder Pro Performance

Having worked with Jus Ball performance and the players they mentor and train it has been fascinating to see their dedication and curiosity to learn about Tuina and our unique performance enhancing and injury prevention methods.

They are a family that maximises the potential of talent both on and off the pitch.

Errol Lynch – Co founder of Touch Tuina

These guys have not only improved the technical and tactical levels of our players but also the mindset and approach towards their careers on and off the pitch

Lai Frenton – Founder XYZ academy

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