Spence of Excellence

Spence of excellence is our unique educational sister company.

Armed with an innovative methodology based on the findings and research of brain gym.

Carla Hannaford and experts in the field of motor skill acquisition and emotional intelligence development we aim to offer a range of services to you and your school or nursery.

Founded by early-stage specialist Michael Spencer (hence the name lol) Jus Ball have formed an exciting partnership to revolutionise the way in which sports and mentoring is delivered in both schools and nurseries.

How You Benefit

Our movement breakfast and after school clubs initiative aims to increase attendance rates in schools and help start and finish off the day for each school member in a clear and coherent way

Science proves that mindfulness practice, the practice of improving an awareness of ones self increases levels of empathy and emotional intelligence.

Our nutritional workshops within schools help to raise an awareness within each individual and family as to the healthier options out there to maintain a healthy and cost effective diet

Through cross-lateral exercises individuals learn to balance and improve co-ordination as well as concentration levels.

Synchronised practice helps to force social interaction between individuals and develop an awareness of others thought processes and emotions.

Let them speak for us!

Some Impressions from our community

Michael has always given that personal touch not only by teaching amazing motor skills but also behavioural and social skills also. I am hugely grateful for his guidance and support and would recommend him and his organisation to as many people as I can. 

Mrs Chairman Lee 

The one thing I struggled with Keishan the most was taking him to classes of any kind as he never wanted to join in, and we tried a lot of classes and nurseries!

I would say that coach Mike completely turned Keishan around not only did he join in and begin to learn but he also created a wonderful relationship with coach Mike also. 

Vanessa Okano – Parent of Keishan

We have been fortunate enough to work with Michael for a number of years. He is extremely dedicated, enthusiastic and has an excellent connection with the children. The children are really engaged throughout their sessions and have shown notable improvements in their footballing skills. We would highly recommend Michal as a coach!

Harminder Aggarwall – Phase lead for EYFS, Tudor Primary School

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What Else? Learning is not always in your head

Over recent years the cerebellum has been a major topic of discussion in the neuroscience world. It was thought of that the cerebellum which is the co-ordination centre of the brain only had motor functions. Now it has been proven that the cerebellum is involved in cognitive and emotional processes also. What this means is that the same techniques we are using to make decisions and regulate emotions are also learned in the same place in which we learn how to control our limbs and co-ordinate our bodies.

Using aspects of training timing, co-ordination, complex movements and reflection practice, we can learn to empower our-selves to improve the way in which we regulate our thoughts and also understand our emotions. There is a direct link and a feedforward / feedback releationship between how we move, how we think and also how we feel. As we can visually see how we move and physically feel how we move training this aspect feeds into the the other two aspects of brain functioning.

  • Improved attendance at school
  • Developing greater capacity for group and individual learning
  • Maintaining healthier lifestyles for children

WE BELIEVE IN CHANGE - Join us and let’s get the results You want.