Jus Ball Movesmart is our schools outreach program. We work closely with specific educational institutions to design a unique P.E curriculum that offers lessons with a cognitive element that transfers into the classroom.

Our schools and educational organisations benefit from working with experienced coaches in sport and mentoring. We offer breakfast clubs, after school clubs, P.E sessions and also mindfulness practice to develop focus and encourage enthusiasm to learn with each individual school member.

Movesmart is a revolutionary program in which we use the findings of neuroscience to help organise and deliver a session that optimise brain functioning and increase the learning capacity of each individual and the group. All skills and techniques learned transfer into the classroom.

How You Benefit

Our movement breakfast and after school clubs initiative aims to increase attendance rates in schools and help start and finish off the day for each school member in a clear and coherent way

Science proves that mindfulness practice, the practice of improving an awareness of ones self increases levels of empathy and emotional intelligence.

Our nutritional workshops within schools help to raise an awareness within each individual and family as to the healthier options out there to maintain a healthy and cost effective diet

Through cross-lateral exercises individuals learn to balance and improve co-ordination as well as concentration levels.

Synchronised practice helps to force social interaction between individuals and develop an awareness of others thought processes and emotions.

What You Get

The Movesmart program offers P.E sessions within and after school hours that can specialise in football development or multi-sports. Each session is delivered in the Jus Ball way, that is a session delivered with brain functioning at the core of what we do. The techniques and skills learned, are fully transferable into the classroom.

Through our unique service schools gain access to a wide variety of services. Specialist sports coaching, mentoring, mindfulness practice and re-structuring or re-designing of the P.E curriculum

We aim to improve social interaction, concentration levels in and out of the classroom, quicker problem solvers, emotionally balanced and understanding individuals as well as all-round healthier individuals. Each of our coaches has over seven years of experience in their respective field and specialises in brain centred learning.

Through membership, we offer parent and child workshops as part of promise to not only work with each child but also to offer information and advice to the immediate support network around each individual.

Our community club is designed to increase the participation levels in the grassroots game. Our community group schedule is flexible and caters for those looking to advance their skills at an intermediate level

All our staff are first aid trained and we have carried out DBS and background checks.

How It Works

Let them speak for us!

Some Impressions from our community

The Jusball staff are great with the students, they set high expectations of behaviour and use various ways of communication to get their message across. The students are always engaged in their P.E lessons and we can see a difference in their methods and styles of teaching
Mrs Zehara Jaffer – Head Teacher at Stoke Newington Secondary school
Our attendance and punctuality has improved since beginning the breakfast senseball program. We see kids rushing through the school gates now motivated to start their day of learning.
Miss Janice Thomas Executive Head teacher Daubeney Primary School
Jus Ball have a unique way of teaching our children the parents are so happy with their service and the kids always look forward to working with coach Shiro and Reuben
Farzana Gajia – Owner Little Londoners Nursery

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What Else? Learning is not always in your head

Over recent years the cerebellum has been a major topic of discussion in the neuroscience world. It was thought of that the cerebellum which is the co-ordination centre of the brain only had motor functions. Now it has been proven that the cerebellum is involved in cognitive and emotional processes also. What this means is that the same techniques we are using to make decisions and regulate emotions are also learned in the same place in which we learn how to control our limbs and co-ordinate our bodies.

Using aspects of training timing, co-ordination, complex movements and reflection practice, we can learn to empower our-selves to improve the way in which we regulate our thoughts and also understand our emotions. There is a direct link and a feedforward / feedback releationship between how we move, how we think and also how we feel. As we can visually see how we move and physically feel how we move training this aspect feeds into the the other two aspects of brain functioning.

  • Improved attendance at school
  • Developing greater capacity for group and individual learning
  • Maintaining healthier lifestyles for children

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