Jus Ball Skills Centre

Jus Ball Skills centre is our exciting drop-in program in which our members benefit from learning football and movement techniques on a weekly basis

Our members benefit from a fun and friendly environment in which the sessions always end with a musical twist. Ability groups are mixed and we aim to cater for individuals wishing to participate in football on a more ad hoc basis.

Our skills centre aims to develop skills at the beginner’s stage building confidence with the ball and basic spatial understanding. Social interaction is at the top of our list, our experience FA and UEFA qualified coaches encourage the children to be loud and make lots of noise!

Participating in regular exercise helps to improve the body and the mind’s overall functioning

Meeting new people is a more daunting task than some realise. When faced with new situations young children can find opportunities to grow and overcome social barriers.

Our rhythmic practice helps strengthen the communication between both hemispheres of the brain. Science proves this develops overall brain functioning.

Through cross-lateral exersises individuals learn to balance and improve co-ordination.

Synchronised practice helps to force social interaction between individuals and develop an awareness of others thought processes and emotions.

What You Get

Jus Ball skills centre holds sessions once a week. Our training sessions are delivered by our experienced FA and UEFA qualified coaches. As part of being a charter standard football club all relevant staff are first aid trained and have carried out DBS and background checks.

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Skills Centre

10am-11am     Age 3-5
11am-12pm     Age 6-9

Our Lady’s Convent High School

6-16 Amhurst Park, London N16 5AF

( See map below )

£30 Enrolment
£5 per sessions to pay each month in advance

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Let them speak for us!

Some Impressions from our community

The coaches at jusball are fantastic with the kids and have a pro-active approach when delivering coaching sessions. They always strive to create a positive environment and a learning culture, I have seen great improvement in both my children both in terms of confidence and skill levels.
Emma Keenan ( Parent at Jusball FC)
Love the music at the end with the games, really bring the kids to life and stay focused through out match play, wish there was more of these sessions during the week !!!
Harun Alibhai – Parent at Jus ball Skills Centre
The staff are friendly and insightful. My son has found new friends and developed better social skills. The environment is fun and friendly and most importantly the kids learn some great techniques with the ball
  Christie Steel – Parent at Jus ball Skills Centre

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What Else? Differential learning

We use agility hurdles, poles and various obstacles to build up movement patterns in each individual. Science proves that learning how to use your body in different ways helps to build up movement banks in the neuronal structure in the brain. This helps to develop the ability for each young person to explore their bodies and use it to function in different ways.

Non linear learning. Science points us in the direction that learning is not so straight forward as in dry repetition will lead to mastery of a particular skill. We have to aim to learn in new and novel ways to inspire neuronal growth and create opportunities for deeper learning. Adding abnormal movements to regular practice helps stimulate areas of the brain associated with learning and creating deeper and more long lasting neural connections.

  • Developing social skills
  • Fun introduction to football
  • Development of abstract thinking and creativity

How to find us

Jus Ball Skills Centre

Jus Ball Skills Centre

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