Futsense simply means Futsal mixed with senseball training. The early origins of Futsal travel back to South America, the fast paced small sided format offers many benefits to an individuals development. We at Jus Ball offer a unique twist implementing the foundations of futsal along side our senseball program.

Our members benefit from a program that can’t be found anywhere else in the country! Delivered by our qualified Futsal coaches and specialist senseball coaches.

Our skills centre aims to offer a development opportunity for our members at the more advanced stage, honing in on bilateral performances (playing with both feet), speed of decision making finding space and movement solutions quickly off the ball and improved speed of directional change.

How You Benefit

Our senseball program improves the ability to play off both feet due to the increase in repetition on both sides of the body.

The speed of the transitions and the short spaces in which each individual has to operate means that the body needs to recover quickly after short energy bursts

Our rhythmic practice helps strengthen the communication between both hemispheres of the brain. Science proves this develops overall brain functioning.

Through the Senseball practice the co-ordination with both sides of the body and the lower spine area each individual benefits from training with a lack of bias on one side of the body.ly

Learning how to find space quickly and in tight areas is a crucial element to the way in which we train on the Futsense program.

What You Get

Jus Ball Futsense program holds sessions once a week. Our training sessions are delivered by our experienced FA and UEFA qualified coaches. As part of being a charter standard football club all relevant staff are first aid trained and have carried out DBS and background checks.

Through membership we offer sessions on a weeky basis to those at a more advanced stage of technical development and experience.

Our Futsense program is a unique opportunity to learn the fundamental tactical and technical techniques in Futsal as well as master the Senseball on a an individual and a collective scale.

Senseball Routines

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Let them speak for us!

Some Impressions from our community

The coaches at jusball are fantastic with the kids and have a pro-active approach when delivering coaching sessions. They always strive to create a positive environment and a learning culture, I have seen great improvement in both my children both in terms of confidence and skill levels.
Emma Keenan ( Parent at Jusball FC)


Working with Jusball is a pleasure, they are making massive changes in our local community with their positive and holistic approach to the development of young people. We aim to establish a long lasting and productive relationship with Jusball working closely with them on future community projects that help to empower families by educating them on social cohesion and the importance of maintaining healthy lifestyles.
Joyclen Brodie-Mensah (Manager of Concorde community centre Hackney)

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What Else? Myelination of neurons

Science proves that the more you repeat and also repeat in different ways there becomes a myelin sheath that begins to wrap around the body of the neuron. The fatty sheath speeds up the electrical impulses through the body of the cell and speeds up the process, making messages travel quicker,and more automated. This automation requires less energy than before freeing up the brain to apply more energy to problem solving and abstract thinking.

We are big believers at Jusball that as much of a game football is there is a science behind it also. We aim to go deeper into the inner workings of the mind and find out exactly what is happening in the background when we are learning and also refining motor skills. Myelination of neurons is a long term process and requires patience we aim to always up hold this vision and think about the bigger picture and the long term development of each individual member of Jus Ball.

  • Developing social skills
  • Fun introduction to football
  • Development of abstract thinking and creativity

WE BELIEVE IN CHANGE - Join us and let’s get the results You want.